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How I protect your privacy

What information is being collected?
Contact details and personal details: At first contact I usually have access to your name and surname, your phone number, and your email address. I collect your full personal details (full name, date of birth, contact numbers, address, GP and contact of other) at our first assessment meeting. If you are referred to me via Axa private healthcare, they usually send me your personal contact details plus a short summary of your presenting difficulties by secure email.
Therapy notes: I take personal therapy notes during or after every session we have. This is mainly done in order for me to retain memory and knowledge about what we have done so far in the sessions, and may contain notes about points that we still need to cover in future sessions. Only your first name is at the top of the notes plus the date of our session.
Diary bookings: I keep a paper diary in which I plan our future appointments. I make a note of these appointments by your first name only and carry no personal identifiable information in this diary. I plan to move from this to an online app called WriteUpp in the near future.

Who is collecting it?
I collect this information as your therapist only in order to offer you the best therapy I can - for example, I need your contact details in order to get in touch with you, but also in some instances I need to communicate with your GP or referrer about your needs.

How is it collected?
I collect initial contact information in various ways:
1. If you emailed me on my email address or the contact form on this website, I have your email address on my gmail account. I don't have regular emails going out to clients and hold no central mailing list.
2. If you called me initially, I have your phone number of my phone. I do not save your number on my phone.
3. If you attend a first assessment session with me, I collect your full personal detail on a paper registration form which I then keep filed in a locked filing cabinet.
Therapy notes are written on paper, and then transferred to electronic copies through the app LiveScribe. I save these documents on my personal drive, accessed only through password from my ipad. This is all password protected.

Why is it being collected?
Information is collected in order to be able to contact you for future needs (changing appointment times mainly) and therapy notes serve as a reminder and record of what we have done in therapy this far.

How will it be used?
This information will only be used to inform the therapy we do, with the main aim of offering you the best treatment that I can offer.

Who will it be shared with?
I will only ever share information regarding the content of your sessions with your GP or other mental health professionals if there is a good rationale for it, which you have agreed to or requested. In instances where your safety is at risk (for example, if you are presenting with suicidal risk), I have a professional responsibility to do what I can to ensure your safety, and this means in these occasions I may share this information with your GP and emergency services without your permission. I will always first discuss this with you.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?
Shared information with your GP may result in their follow up on your care, or a response based on what we have discussed (for example your GP might offer a medication review or some additional check up appointments).

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?
I trust that this will not be the case. Considering that information sharing will ever only be considered if it has a clear benefit to your wellbeing, and considering that you will always be involved in discussing this before I actually do anything, I believe that you will be understanding and encouraging of these rare occasions for disclosure as well.

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